love to shOOt you!

An April 1, 1964, in a maternity hospital in a nearby suburb, I see the light for the first time; I didn’t realize it yet.

However, the light is essential; 45 years later, almost by chance, I rediscovered through the viewfinder of a camera. I never put the eye behind a lens before; I was wrong: take a picture can be enjoyable, exhilarating.

I'm trying with the images to make beautiful, tell a story, especially to provide an emotion, to paint our society through stolen moments. The very few times where you can get all that in one picture are adrenaline. I'm photo-addict! Alas, the more you work, the more difficult it is to succeed making a good image; it's a really very stupid addiction! 

Paris is my oyster, I practice street photography to halfway between entertainment and obsession. I Hunt in many ways; the street is a reflection of the humans tribe; with a pair of good shoes, I try to catch moments before they vanish. Even if sometimes I come home empty-handed, I shoot people to make me happy; If you enjoy, and if these images give you a bit of emotion, it's a nice collateral damage. 

In any case, thank you for your visit and time spent here.